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Septembre 2022- Janvier 2023

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"Cinema is this ninth life in which I strive to film just as how we learn to love: with patience, decency, respect and tenderness. "

Valérie Massadian is one of the 10 filmmakers selected to take part in Villa Albertine's artist residency project “10 in America”. These filmmakers-in-residence will each explore a different American city to create a short film, culminating in a documentary series that presents a singular portrait of the contemporary United States.


Valerie Massadian is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer. Her first feature, Nana, received the Opera Prima Award at the Locarno Film Festival in 2011. Her second feature, Milla, as well as her short films, have been shown and awarded at international film festivals including Locarno, Valdivia, Jeonju, FICUNAM and Doclisboa. Her work focuses mainly on the primal physicality of female characters and how they relate to the natural world. Developed over time with each protagonist, her films mix fairy tale and realism, poetics and politics to play with the boundaries of fiction and define their own dimensions.


"I have taught myself my craft through learning by doing and through interactions with others, particularly artists, photographers and filmmakers. I have had to work from the age of sixteen, I was a teenage single mother. And, much like cats, I have led several lives. Always gazing toward the same horizon, I have gradually built my life. I seek to become the instigator of everything that keeps me alive, translating all of it into film. Cinema is this ninth life in which I strive to film just as how we learn to love: with patience, decency, respect and tenderness.


I always hope to do "with" rather than "about". Rather than direct, I prefer to play, doing so in the truest sense of the word: playing through film together. I endeavor to create cinematic realms where protagonists have the space and time to instill the film with their fragility, strength and modesty; with the rhythm of their bodies and their words. To this end, my films focus on bodies, time, spaces, gestures or breaths all with the same attention, keeping faith that the living world, its emotions and its offerings will resonate with each film’s subject."


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