10 in America

10 filmakers in 10 U.S. cities


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Gabrielle Denisse

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Understanding a city also means comparing it with the fantasies we wrap it up in, setting out to discover a space and its reality, exploring a territory with an imagined map, and developing a personal account of it.

“10 in America” is an anthology of shorts films – 10 filmmakers, 10 cities, 10 films – that brings together a generation of French filmmakers. They all have one or two feature films under their belt, films that have been selected at major international festivals, and all of them reinvent, in their own way, the codes, aesthetics, and methods of French cinema production.


These ten filmmakers focus on the way we experience the present, and they explore a relationship with reality that ranges from the bluntness of documentary filmmaking to the magic of fiction. Together, they give us a wide-ranging and dynamic view of contemporary French cinema: varied, hybrid, challenging, and multicultural.


Catherine Bizern is the anthology’s artistic director. As Managing Director of the Entrevues festival from 2006 to 2012, she witnessed this new generation of filmmakers as they came into their own. She is currently the General Delegate of the Cinéma du réel festival and the Artistic Director of the Centre des écritures cinématographiques at Moulin d’Andé, where she supports the works of contemporary filmmakers.


“10 in America” is being developed and produced by Michel Klein, through his company, Les Films Hatari. In 2002, Klein produced an initial anthology, “Portraits,” alongside French/German channel Arte, which was shown at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes in 2004. Since then, he has produced over fifty feature films (fiction and documentary).


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Les Films Hatari is an independent French film and television program production company founded in 2002. Its ambition is to support films that seal a committed narrative with strong cinematography, with strong potential for financing and marketing on the French, European and extra-European markets. French. Since its birth, Les films Hatari has produced around fifty films, most of which have been screened at festivals around the world.