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Dance Films Catalogue

Performing Arts

Henri Coutant

The 2021 Dance Films Catalogue features films and documentaries by and with artists of various backgrounds. While most of the films are recent releases, the catalogue also includes titles from the past decade and earlier.

Dance and cinema have a long shared history thanks to their common interest: the motion of bodies and energies.   

With today’s enhanced digital video technologies and the current restrictions on international exchange, dance is reimagining itself in different ways, diving into archival material and creating new forms. 

The Dance Films Catalogue aims to promote the work of choreographers, dancers and directors. It is a resource for Contemporary and Performing Arts Centers, Dance film festivals and Universities to discover new works, new artists, and present them. 

Films and documentaries included in the catalogue are of all lengths and cover all genres and dance forms.  

The online catalogue will be updated regularly with new features throughout the year. This project is developed by Villa Albertine in partnership with the Institut français, the French Ministry of Culture, and in collaboration with several French institutions such as the Centre National de la Danse (CND) in Paris, Maison de la Danse in Lyon.


Download the Catalogue here:


How does it work? 

The catalogue is available to US-based presenting partners such as Performing and Contemporary Arts Centers, Festivals, and Universities.   

The estimated price range, negotiated with the producer/artists/distributor, is presented with taxes included for one or two educational/school/noncommercial showings.

The price for multiple showings is negotiable upon request.    

Contractual negotiations are conducted between the presenter and the producer/artists/distributor. Password-protected Vimeo links are available upon request.  

Contact Nicole Birmann Bloom, Program Officer, Performing Arts , for information regarding the organisation of panels and symposia at 

In partnership with

Institut français

The Institut français is responsible for France’s international cultural program. Supervised by both the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and by the Ministry of Culture, it promotes French culture abroad through cultural exchange initiatives. Operating in a space where the arts, intellectual exchange, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic partnerships interact and intersect, it is also responsible for promoting the French language and the sharing of works, artists, and ideas all over the world. The Institut français is one of Villa Albertine’s main French partners.

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Ministry of Culture

The French Ministry of Culture aims to make the major works of humanity— and especially those of France— accessible to the largest number of people possible. As such, it maintains a policy of conservation, of protection, and of development of all components of French cultural heritage. It promotes the creation of works of art and of the mind, and the development of art practices and education. It further contributes to cultural initiatives outside of France, and to initiatives relating to the establishment of French cultural programs throughout the world.


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Centre national de la danse (CN D)

As a public establishment founded by the Ministry of Culture, the Centre national de la danse (National Dance Center) brings together all resources aimed at the sector of choreography and its publics in two places, in Pantin (in the Île-de-France region) and in Lyon (in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region). It supports and trains professional dancers, promotes amateur practice, assists with research, conserves and distributes choreographic heritage, and supports the creation of choreographic works in all forms, while promoting a dialogue with other artistic fields.


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Maison de la danse

The Maison de la danse is a theater located in the 8th district of the city of Lyon. It was initially founded in 1980 within the walls of the current Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse before moving in 1992 to what was then called the Théâtre du 8e. This stage, head of the network for dance in Rhône-Alpes, ensures a programming of national and international companies as well as the programming of young companies from Rhône-Alpes. It also hosts companies in residence in a special creation studio and has a reference documentary base on dance with a video library of more than 1000 filmed shows. 


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