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Curious about what is coming out in translation in 2022? Then look no further! As of now, we have identified 313 titles translated from French to English slated for publication in the United States in 2022. The list will be updated throughout the year as we receive new information about future releases from publishers. Twice a year, the Book and Ideas Department of Villa Albertine publishes a list of current and upcoming translations based on data provided by American and French publishers. This year is no exception, and we are pleased to announce forthcoming publications by major names on the French literary and intellectual scene, such as Patrick Boucheron (a 2022 Villa Albertine resident), Annie Ernaux, Riad Sattouf, Timothée de Fombelle. But also several promising new authors.


In fiction, we have identified 65 publications, 38 of these released in France in the last 5 years, confirming a growing interest in contemporary Francophone fiction. 

Major contemporary and beloved French figures are now steadily being published in the US, such as the novelist Mathias Enard (A Perfect Shot, New Directions Publishing), the award-winning writer Annie Ernaux (Getting Lost, Seven Stories Press, and Do What They Say or Else, University of Nebraska Press), and Académie Française member Andreï Makine (Au-delà des frontières, title to be announced in English, Skyhorse Publishing). 

Many prize-winning books will also make their way to American bookstores including Jérôme Ferrari’s In His Own Image (Prix littéraire du Monde in 2018, Europa Editions), Caroline Laurent’s Shores of Anger (Prix Maison de la Presse in 2020, Amazon Crossing), and Serge Joncour’s Human Nature and Lean on Me (respectively Prix Femina in 2020 and Prix Interallié in 2016, Gallic Books). Some of these releases are particularly anticipated such as the 2019 Prix Goncourt winner, Not Everybody Lives the Same Way: A Novel by Jean-Paul Dubois (The Overlook Press). 

A few indispensable classics are also slated for release, such as Arthur Rimbaud’s Selected Poems (New York Review of Books), Stendhal’s Red and Black (University of Minnesota Press), Alexandre Dumas’s Isaac Laquedem: A Tale of the Wandering Jew (Noumena Press), and Joris-Karl Huysmans’s Domesticity (Wakefield Press). 



Once again, non-fiction is the most translated genre with 133 titles. 

Philosophy remains a French specialty with 32 titles to be published, including the work of star figures such as Michel Foucault’s Madness, Language, Literature (University of Chicago Press), Alain Badiou’s The One: Descartes, Plato, Kant (Columbia University Press), Achille Mbembe’s The Politics of Time (Polity Press) and Isabelle Stengers’s Making Sense in Common (University of Minnesota Press). 

13 titles in history will explore a wide range of topics, the groundbreaking work on history and memory by Villa Albertine resident, Patrick Boucheron, Trace and Aura: The Recurring Lives of St. Ambrose of Milan (Other Press), Alain Corbin's sensitive essay A History of the Wind about ways of experiencing and dreaming about the wind (Polity Press), and Françoise Briquel Chatonnet and Muriel Debie's illustrated book, The Syriac World (Yale University Press), an exploration of a culture originating from Syria and Mesopotamia and still flourishing today.

Among other eagerly anticipated publications, you’ll find the feminist essay by Mona Chollet, In Defense of Witches (St. Martin's Press), and the fascinating reflection on the foundations of our society with Decolonizations by Pierre Singaravélou (Other Press). 

The production of books on nature and environmental issues has increased significantly, attesting to the urgency of the topic: To name a few: Baptiste Morizot will see three of his essays translated and published in 2022, two by Polity Press (Ways of Being Alive and Rekindling the Embers of Life) and one by SUNY Press (Wild Diplomacy) and the illustrated guide to the amazingly multifarious sex lives of animals, Sexus Animalis: There Is Nothing Unnatural in Nature by Emmanuelle Pouydebat, will be published by MIT Press. 



In the graphic novel category, we have identified 83 titles: 

Notable works include the 5th volume of The Arab of the Future, the multi-award-winning comic book series by Riad Sattouf (Metropolitan Books), and the vibrant and luminous comic by Cy, Radium Girls (Iron Circus comics). We can also find the biography of Stephanie St Clair, Queenie: The Godmother of Harlem, a prominent figure of the underground world in Harlem and a leader of the Black feminist movement, by Elisabeth Colomba and Aurélie Lévy (Abrams Books) as well as René Tardi's stream-of-consciousness tale, The True Story of the Unknown Soldier (Fantagraphics Books). 



Lastly, 19 children’s books will be translated in 2022 including Alma by Timothée de Fombelle, a powerful adventure novel that deals with the history of the slave trade (Europa Editions), and Catharina Valckx’s Lisette’s day out, a facetious and impertinent album which approaches dishonesty and its consequences with a fresh vivacity (Gecko Press). Marie Dorleans’s Our Fort takes us on a fantastic walk surely leading to the fort of our dreams (New York Review Books), while Enchanted Lion Books will continue publishing the Dumpster Dog series by Marc Boutavant, the humorous story of a smelly, dirty but affectionate and terribly endearing dog. 

If a publication has been overlooked or if the date of a title has been postponed, please contact us at 972livre@gmail.com, and we will update our list without delay. Please stay tuned for an update at the beginning of the year. 

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These are just a few of the works that will be published next year. Discover the full list here. We hope you find a book or two to your liking!