Quentin Zuttion


April - May 2022

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“Through the image of the Prom Queen and how they see her, I would like to provide a perspective on today’s US teenagers and, ultimately, on a society and land that’s as vast and varied as the cultures it represents.”

I studied at École Nationale Supérieure d’Art in Dijon, Burgundy, where I experimented with different medias, such as photography, video, and performance. After graduating, I turned to comic books and developed a more narrative art form to express myself.


Since I’m very interested in metamorphosis, the characters in my books undergo significant changes as the story unfolds. Initially anchored in realism and topical issues (gender, sexual violence, technology), the bodies of these heroines and heroes are metaphorically transformed through dreamlike fantasy drawings. My aim is to show what emotions are being felt, rather than to explain what is happening all the time.


My characters tell their story, rewrite it and physically manifest what they are feeling to give life to their emotions. In this way, “out-of-the-ordinary” creatures emerge, who question contemporary norms and dictates: a hybrid fly-woman goes from boy to boy without ever finding her place in the game of love (“Drosophilia”); an orange peel seizes the body of an overweight girl who is on a diet, in order to denounce fatphobia (“Chromatopsie”); sharp blades extend from the limbs of Lucie, a mother trying to rebuild her life after years of domestic violence by taking fencing classes (“Touchées”); a teenager explores his sexuality and gender by dressing up in a sequined evening gown (“Chromatopsie”).


Adolescence is the very point in life where all these changes and mutations take place, whether these are endured or desired. Changes to the body, of course, but also changes in the aspirations, struggles, and future ambitions of each individual. I want to explore this inner turmoil, outpouring, or melancholy that’s characteristic of a person’s farewell to childhood. For this, the US has a fascinating rite of passage: the high school prom and the election of the Prom Queen.


Quentin Zuttion is a comic book author and illustrator. After studying contemporary art at the Beaux-Arts in Dijon, he entered the world of comic books in 2014 by illustrating short stories for the women’s feminist website “Mademoiselle.com”. In February 2016, he published his first comic, “Sous le lit” (“Under the Bed”), followed by “Chromatopsie” (“Chromatopsy”) and “Appelez-moi Nathan” (“Call Me Nathan”) in 2018, “Touchées” (“Touched”) in 2019, and “Drosophilia” in 2020. In his stories, which combine fantasy with social topics, Quentin deals with feelings, sexuality, the quest for identity, and self-assertion.


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