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States Special Issue: “Museum Series” Now Available

States Special Issue: "Museum Series." (c) Des Signes

By Villa Albertine

Discover the special issue of States, Villa Albertine’s creative magazine dedicated to fostering exchange in arts and ideas rooted in the US context.

The highly anticipated first special issue of Villa Albertine’s States Magazine has arrived. This unique edition of Villa Albertine’s luxury bookazine will guide readers through a profound journey of artistic and intellectual discussions about the future of museums.

This edition, designed as a platform for Villa Albertine’s wide-ranging debates, is a complete transcription of the Museum Series held in 2023 at Villa Albertine’s headquarters in New York. Presented in partnership with the Center for Curatorial Leadership, the Museum Series featured insights from 24 esteemed women museum directors from the US, France, and the Middle East, over the course of ten public conversations.

Museum directors addressed key challenges faced by their institutions in today’s rapidly changing world, including the impact of the pandemic, the internationalization of museums, and inclusivity, while sharing innovative perspectives. The discussions shed light on the inner workings of world-class art institutions and provided and guidance for future leaders.

American and French institutions have long influenced one another, yet their underpinnings have often been perceived differently, with French institutions being state-led, and American ones involving a complex web of funding from private sources. This issue of States explores the myths shaping the American narrative and compares perspectives among these closely related institutions through a series of insightful dialogues.

Additionally, this issue addresses global challenges faced by museums in a series of complementary articles written by professionals and experts. These articles offer deep reflections into the challenges and proactive measures taken by museums, whether in the context of ecological transition or cultural restitution policies.

Led by Editorial Director Raphaël Bourgois and Head of Museums and Cultural Heritage François Bridey, States’ “Museum Series” issue is a testament to Villa Albertine’s expansive vision. It highlights the diverse and multidisciplinary creatives who contribute to a broader global discourse. This special issue of States is an ode to the complexity and importance of museums in our societies

Purchase States’ Museum Series issue at Albertine Books (972 Fifth Avenue at 79th Street in New York City).

The Villa Albertine Museum Series 2023 was organized by Villa Albertine in association with the Center for Curatorial Leadership, thanks to the generous support of Cartier and the Friends of Villa Albertine, notably Béatrice Stern, Sana Sabbagh, Agnes Gund, Denise Littlefield Sobbel, Marie-José Kravis, Robert de Rotschild, and Almine Ruiz-Picasso.

This special issue of States was made possible thanks to Albertine Books Foundation and the additional support of Denise Littlefield Sobbel and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

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The Museum Series 2023 Spring Dialogues are made possible thanks to the generous support of Cartier. 


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