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WHALE NATION to open 2024 Blue Water Film Festival


WHALE NATION by Jean-Albert Lievre

PLSTC by Laen Sanches

Blue Water Film Festival
San Diego, CA,

March 21 - 24, 2024


BWFF commences on March 21 with an opening night reception and screening of Jean-Albert Lievre’s “WHALE NATION,” presented by the Consul General of France, Mrs. Julie Duhaut-Bedos at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park.

Featuring a total of 44 films, including 12 features and 27 shorts, 50% of all film selections are non-US productions, helping to fulfill the festival mission of promoting cross-cultural understanding through film.

The festival profiles a variety of events including film premieres and screenings, educational panels, high-level networking, social gatherings, and culminates with the Blue Water Awards Show. The panel of judges includes Sandrine Faucher Cassidy, USC’s Senior Director of Festival, Distribution, and Talent Development.

French films in the lineup include “WHALE NATION” by Jean-Albert Lievre, “AGRICULTURE IS OVER
by Antoine de Bujadoux, “BELLE RIVER” by Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau, and Yannick Nolin, “SLAVES TO WATER” by Bertrand Loyer, and “CODE ROSE” by Taye Cimon, Pierre Coëz, Julie Groux, Sandra Leydier, Manuarii Morel, and Romain Seisson, and PLSTC by Laen Sanches.

Maude Barlow, UN Water activist will receive the Global Guardian Award, which is presented to an industry world leader whose contributions led to the protection of the natural laws of the environment and has changed the world for the better.

The Blue Water Film Institute supports the Blue Water Film Festival as an emerging festival
whose intention is to bring greater awareness to and engagement for our big blue planet’s
precious life supply of water—our oceans, aquifers, rivers, dams, lakes, streams, and
waterway systems through cinema and engagement.

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