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Phasmes and Hêtre – Compagnie Libertivore


"Hêtre" by Compagnie Libertivore

Performance Spaces for the 21st C. (PS21)
2980 Route 66
PO Box 321
Chatham, US 12037

21 - 22 December 2021


After the performances of “Fractales” at Peak Performances (Montclair), two other premieres by Compagnie Libertivore at PS21, Chatham, 21-22 December 2021

  • U.S. Premiere: Phasmes and Hêtre – December 21—22, 7 pm

Written and Choreographed by Fanny Soriano | Cie Libertivore
Dance and Acrobatic Arts, France

Written and choreographed by Fanny Soriano, these two pieces of contemporary circus arts highlight the intersection of circus and dance language, illuminating the physical potential of the acrobatic body as performers are confronted by a landscape in transformation.  A meeting of dance and circus arts, the works induce a slow metamorphosis of humans and organic matter, as performers confront nature, accompany it, dodge it, collide, and merge with it.  Fanny Soriano is a co-founder of the Libertivore dance and circus company, creating choreographed circus shows that are at the same time aerial, poetic and metaphysical.

In Phasmes, a mysterious mass of two acrobat-dancers faces us in an obscure light. The performers, inverting natural forces with games of balance and symmetry, enthralled by the multiplicity of possibilities,  search for a common center of gravity.  They explore, through their sometimes harmonious, sometimes conflicting desires, a world full of illusions.  

A 25 minute solo dance and acrobatic performance exploring the vital need for solitude, Hêtre is a harmonious and hypnotic melee between an extraordinary apparatus and a young woman in the midst of a metamorphosis, in which she gradually moves away from the real world and enters a forest of mysteries and dreams.

Learn more about the performances at PS21 here

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