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Ngnima Sarr aka T.I.E – Artist Talk at Atlanta Contemporary 


Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
535 Means Street
Atlanta, US 30318

March 28, 2024 | 6:30pm


Join Ngnima Sarr (aka T.I.E) for a talk with Floyd Hall, Executive Director of Atlanta Contemporary, exploring the regeneration of afro-diasporic relationships from shore to shore, delving into the depths of black women’s knowledge and their spiritual activism.

This talk marks the completion of her two-month residency for the project “Odyssey in Utero”, where she has intricately examined diasporic and existential inquiries through the lens of the female body. 

Throughout her residency, she collaborated with numerous artists and institutions in Atlanta, making this moment a significant culmination of her research and creative endeavors.

This talk is in partnership with Atlanta Contemporary, who are presenting talks with Villa Albertine residents. Learn more about T.I.E’s residency here.

The event will last about one hour and will take place within the Lecture Hall. It is free to attend but RSVP here is encouraged.

A card-only bar is available to those 21+. Parking is free in the lot at Bankhead & Means Street (Google Maps Location). You can access the lot via Bankhead Avenue and proceed past the parking attendant booth.

About T.I.E

Ngnima Sarr, known as T.I.E, is a multifaceted Senegalese artist: singer, poetess, songwriter, and music producer, leading projects like “T.I.E and The Love Process” and “Exillians.” She also created the immersive show “Lâcher L’homme!” inspired by Frantz Fanon’s essay “Black Skin White Masks.”

Additionally, she recently participated in the thought-provoking piece “Freedom, I’ll have lived your dream until the full last day,” curated by Felwine Sarr, showcased in New York and North Carolina with the support of the Villa Albertine’s Face theater & Fused Program.

T.I.E’s work is rooted In an Afro-eco-feminist vision, evident in her installation “Mawu’s Daughters,” premiered in Dakar during Partcours 2022. T.I.E’s ongoing work “Odyssey in Utero ”, is a polysemous research object initiated in her residency at Banlieues Bleues, Paris 21-22.

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