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Lydia Amarouche & Rosa Duffy in Conversation


Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
535 Means Street
Atlanta, US 30318

April 14, 2024 | 12:30pm


Join Villa Albertine and Atlanta Contemporary as Lydia Amarouche and Rosa Duffy explore practices of resistance and possible margins of action around the independent book scene. From the processes of publishing, to distribution, to curating and reading, they will discuss the importance of creating and nurturing community spaces, ephemeral in the case of Shed publishing, and perennial in the case of For Keeps. Amarouche and Duffy will share the challenges that exist in the book sector, in their two countries, France and the United States, and cities, Marseille and Atlanta.

This talk is in partnership with Atlanta Contemporary, as part of their Villa Albertine Artist Talk series. Learn more about Lydia Amarouche’s residency here.

This artist talk will last about 1 hour and will take place within the Lecture Hall. It is free to attend but registration is encouraged. Register here.

Parking is free in the lot at Bankhead & Means Street (Google Maps Location). You can access the lot via Bankhead Avenue and proceed past the parking attendant booth.

About Lydia Amarouche: Marseille-based publisher and curator Lydia Amarouche is a sociology, anthropology, and history graduate of the École Normale Supérieure. She explores various archive documents to create publishing surveys that are either exhibited or performed. In 2019, she launched Corpus, a series of collective, open-access readings that dealt with colonial history, queer and feminist issues, the penitentiary system, education, and art. In 2020, she founded Shed publishing, a publishing and art platform that releases essays on social and political theory, and youth literature. Lydia also lectures at Aix-Marseille University. 

Rosa Duffy is an Atlanta-based artist, and the owner/curator of For Keeps Books. Born and raised in Atlanta, Rosa’s passion for both literature and visual arts led her to establish For Keeps Books in 2018, a unique bookstore, reading room and archive dedicated to celebrating Black literature in all its forms. In addition to her work with For Keeps Books, Rosa continues to pursue her own artistic endeavors, exhibiting her work in galleries and cultural institutions across the country. Her art serves as a reflection of her deeply held beliefs, exploring themes of identity, heritage, and the human experience. Through the diversity of her artistic pursuits, Rosa aims to amplify marginalized voices and foster community engagement. Her work as both an artist and entrepreneur reflects her commitment to social change and the transformative power of both the visual and literary arts.

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