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Laura Perrudin in New York!


Laura Perrudin

June 16, 19 & 29, 2022

Groundbreaking harpist Laura Perrudin will perform three shows in NYC this June.

French singer-songwriter Laura Perrudin is redefining her instrument through the use of her chromatic electric harp. Evoking the sounds of Amon Tobin, Björk and Flying Lotus, she creates a whole sonic universe to go along her haunting and beautiful melodies.

She will play a solo show at the Lincoln Center Atrium in NYC on June 16 and at Barbès in Brooklyn on June 19.

Laura Perrudin will then be joined by Fabian Almazan (piano, electronics) on June 29 at Drom.

Together, the 2020 grantees of the Jazz & New Music program by the FACE Foundation, will explore musical horizons from the rhythmic and harmonic open-mindedness of jazz to the production precision of experimental pop and electronic music. 

Both obsessed with harmony, sound material and nature’s soundscapes, the duo, also know as “Ant H”, will embark the audience for an unique musical experience.

Supported by Jazz & New Music, a program from Villa Albertine and FACE Foundation, in partnership with the French Embassy in the United States, with support from the French Ministry of CultureInstitut françaisSACEM (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique) and the CNM (Centre National de la Musique).  

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