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“Lands, Portrait of the City of Houston”, Emmanuelle Huynh & Jocelyn Cottencin


© Jocelyn Cottencin

November 7, 8 & 9, 2023


Emmanuelle Huynh & Jocelyn Cottencin / Plateforme Múa – “Lands, Portrait of the City of Houston” is an exploration of the diverse communities of the city of Houston through a collection of stories commissioned by DiverseWorks.

Choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh and filmmaker-videomaker Jocelyn Cottencin come together on a new project Lands – Portrait of the City of Houston through a collaboration with local Houstonians.
In fall of 2022, on their first residency to Houston, Huynh and Cottencin interviewed a series of people and asked them to tell their story of their city. The transcriptions of the many interviews they conducted will become the basis of a performative and choreographic vocabulary with which Huynh and Cottencin will work. Their final performance-installation and film will premiere in early November at Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston.



Houston, TX:  November 7, 8 & 9 @ DiverseWorks 

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