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“Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion” at Hall des Lumières



Hall des Lumières
49 Chambers Street
New York City, US 10007

Through March 2023


Discover “Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion,” a new immersive exhibition at Hall des Lumières

Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion” is described as a “thematic journey through the golden, sensuous and revolutionary art of the Viennese painter.” The project is the work of Gianfranco Iannuzzi and was headed by Culturespaces, a leading private manager of museums and cultural heritage sites in France, known for the Paris art center Atelier des Lumières.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will be enraptured by a number of glowing, animated, 30-foot-high displays of images from celebrated paintings, synchronized to an original soundtrack and mapped to the marble walls, towering columns, stained glass skylights, and coved ceilings. À ne pas manquer!

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