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DOC NYC: New York’s documentary festival


We are Russia

November 10-28

DOC NYC, New York’s documentary festival, an annual event based in Manhattan at the IFC Center, SVA Theatre, and Cinépolis Chelsea, will take place from November 10-18 in person and until November 28 online.

Highlights of this year’s selection include two films by French directors:

We are Russia


Filmmaker Alexandra Dalsbaek follows young activists in Russia in the lead-up to the Presidential election of 2018 as they campaign for Alexei Navalny, the opponent of Vladimir Putin. We follow the activists Milena and Kolya as they take part in street demonstrations in defiance of police crackdowns. The film vividly illustrates the passionate support behind Navalny, who was later poisoned by a nerve agent and eventually imprisoned by the Kremlin.
– Thom Powers


Director: Alexandra Dalsbaek
Producer: Maria Ibrahimova
Writer: Maria Ibrahimova, Alexandra Dalsbaek
Cinematographer: Alexandra Dalsbaek
Editor: Elchin Shukur
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, USA
Year: 2020
Publicist: Anne Takahashi

-North American premiere Nov 11, 7:05pm at Cinépolis, Chelsea, followed by a Q&A with Director Alexandra Dalsbaek and Producer Maria Ibrahimova;
-Screening Nov 12, 5:00 PM at Cinépolis, Chelsea, followed by a Q&A with Director Alexandra Dalsbaek;

-Online screening Nov 12.

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McCurry: The pursuit of colour


If something of import has taken place in our lifetimes, chances are that Steve McCurry has photographed it, from the wars in the Arab world to the 9/11 attacks. Denis Delestrac’s documentary on the photographer charts McCurry’s journey through a restless life spent on constant move, chronicling our times and living with the intense loneliness and trauma that came along with his work. Today, surrounded by a loving family, McCurry is finally home but never not in the pursuit of color.  – Bedatri Choudhury


Director: Denis Delestrac
Executive Producer: Marieke Van Der Bersselaar, Carles Brugueras
Producer: Marieke Van Der Bersselaar, Carles Brugueras, Denis Delestrac
Cinematographer: Jordi Esgleas Marroi
Editor: Guillermo Cobo, Luis de la Madrid, David Fairhead
Music: Toni M. Mir
Language: English
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Publicist: Anne Takahashi
US Distributor: Dogwoof

-World premiere Nov 13 at 3:40pm at SVA Theatre, Chelsea, followed by a Q&A with Director Denis Delestrac and film subject Steve McCurry;
-Online screening Nov 14 & 15.

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Discover the full program here

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