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Delphine Seyrig, More Than a Muse


Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles by Agnès Varda

Doc Films - University of Chicago
Max Palevsky Cinema -Ida Noyes Hall
1212 East 59th Street
Chicago, US 60637

March 22 - May 17, 2023


This series at Doc Films attempts to celebrate and bring to light one of the most mesmerizing presences in European art-house cinema, Delphine Seyrig!

Delphine Seyrig was a favorite of visionary directors such as Chantal Akerman, Resnais, Truffaut, and Buñuel, bringing an air of ethereal mystery to her minutely detailed performances. Yet Seyrig bucked against the muse role that the era’s filmmaking offered her: her penchant for working with women auteurs was an extension of her feminist politics, which she also expressed in her often-overlooked directorial work, including the revealing documentary Be Pretty and Shut Up!, about the experiences of actresses working in a sexist, male-dominated film industry. Her contributions, both on and off screen, are invaluable. 

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France Chicago Center

The France Chicago Center is an interdisciplinary organization based at the University of Chicago that facilitates, promotes, and fosters stronger ties between University of Chicago students and scholars and their colleagues in France, while raising awareness of French culture, art, and thought within the University of Chicago community.


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