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Deena Abdelwahed – Performance and Q&A


Georgia Tech Exhibition Hall
460 4th St NW
Atlanta, GA, 30332

November 14, 2023 | 6-8 p.m.


Join Georgia Tech’s Voice + Research Lab and Villa Albertine for a conversation and performance with Tunisian producer and DJ, Deena Abdelwahed.

In residence with Villa Albertine for November and December 2023, for her research project, Deena Abdelwahed will immerse herself in the Atlanta clubbing scene. As Tunisian producer interested in reclaiming Arab music, she hopes to learn more how the African American community reshaped western musical norms to create their own music and modernity.

This talk is presented by Georgia Tech and Villa Albertine, as part of Georgia Tech’s Voice + Research Lab’s Voice+: Locating the Human Voice in a Technology-Driven World series.

A Tunisian producer and DJ, Deena Abdelwahed has released a number of albums on the InFiné label in Paris, including “Khonnar” (2018), “Dhakar” (2020), and “Jbal Rrsas” (2023). Her musical explorations strive to reinterpret the diverse elements that comprise Arab music, drawing inspiration from both club music and the current experimental music scene. She has performed live and DJ sets at various festivals, including Sonar in Spain, Berlin’s CTM, Mexico City’s Mutek, and clubs such as Concrete Paris, Berlin’s Berghain and Moscow’s Mutabor.

Deena Abdelwahed is a 2023 resident of Villa Albertine Atlanta. Click here to learn more about her residency.

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