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Patricia Mazuy’s Thick Skinned at the American Cinematheque


Thick Skinned

Los Feliz 3 Theater
1822 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, US 90027

February 22, 2023 | 7pm


Set against the backdrop of a menacing, violent countryside, THICK SKINNED (PEAUX DE VACHES) – Patricia Mazuy’s debut feature, featuring Sandrine Bonnaire, whom she had met as an editor on Agnès Varda’s VAGABOND (1985) – is a corporeal, boozy psychodrama about hierarchies of power, guilt, betrayal, and sex.

Two brothers set fire to a barn while drunk, inadvertently causing the death of a farm worker. One of the brothers takes the hit for the incident and spends ten years in prison. The film tracks his return.
DCP, color, 90 min. Director & Screenwriter: Patricia Mazuy. France, 1989. 

Prior to the screening, there will be an Introduction by Daniella Shreir in collaboration with Another Gaze.

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