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Alexis Steinman Presents at SoccerCon


Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA

March 29-30, 2023

In both Atlanta and Marseille, sports and soccer have played critical roles in the development of the cities. Marseille is famous for its soccer team, Olympique de Marseille and Atlanta, host of the 1996 Olympics and soon the 2026 World Cup, is becoming the soccer capital of the United States.

As part of City/Cité Atlanta x Marseille, Alexis Steinman was invited speak at Georgia Tech’s inaugural SoccerCon: The Atlanta Conference on Soccer and Social Innovation.

About SoccerCon: “For nearly 150 years, the beautiful game has evolved through innovation in rules, training, governance, strategies, participation, media, stadiums, fan engagement, branding, and more. This inaugural Soccer Con examines a wide range of innovation in soccer, with special emphasis on social innovation. Soccer Con is a biennial conference, with new themes every two years.” Learn more about SoccerCon

During SoccerCon, Alexis Steinman took part in the following events:

Wednesday, March 29th | 7:30-8:15 | Opening Discussion: Panel on power of soccer with Greg Garza, Mbali Hlongwane, Matthew Lawrey, Sanjay Patel and Alexis Steinman

Thursday, March 30th | 12:00-12:45 | Talk: What can teams do for communities? Olympique de Marseille: Impact and Responsibility in a One-Team City.

Thursday, March 30th | 12:45:-2:00 | Panel: Innovation? Social? National Culture? and The Game

Exploring the links between soccer and the city of Marseille: the Olympique de Marseille (OM) and the social perspectives of the OM Fondation presented by Alexis Steinman

“Recently, France’s second largest and oldest city, Marseille, has been on the rise. Thanks to an influx of creatives and entrepreneurs, support from the local and national government, and a vibrant social innovation ecosystem, Marseille is fertile ground for OM and the OM Fondation to flourish. And for oft-misunderstood Marseille and the people of Marseille to be recognized for their many attributes, here and beyond.

Aligned with McCourt Global Inc.’s belief in the power of sport to bring people together, civic entrepreneur Frank McCourt bought the iconic football team, Olympique de Marseille, in 2016. The mythical club and illustrious sole French winner of the Champion’s League, OM is more than a sports team, it is a religion, a catalyst, a connector, and a point of local pride (some fans say “I don’t like soccer, but I love OM.”) Hence the legendary home matches, where the Vélodrome reverberates with fervent fans, song, and fireworks like nowhere else in the world.

In tune with MGI’s motto to integrate social impact into each enterprise, Frank McCourt launched the OM Fondation in 2017 to further united OM with its community. With the foundation, OM harnesses the transformative power of sport, the passion of its fans, and the strength of its brand into a social and cultural development force for the OM community and the city of Marseille. If OM is at the heart of the city, the OM Fondation’s efforts are at the heart (droit au coeur) of a more sporty, united, innovative, and sustainable city, four pillars that respond to Marseille’s needs. The foundation amplifies each initiative by collaborating with local stakeholders. From youth education, revamping fields and neighborhoods, and job training, OM Fondation is positioned as a strong social impact player.”

Alexis Steinman is the Impact Advisor of McCourt Global, the owner of the Olympique de Marseille. An American based in Marseille, the lifelong Francophile became hooked on the multicultural Mediterranean port in 2016. Her work as a writer and translator promotes positive narratives of Marseille, bridges the Phocaean city to the US, and cultivates connections between Marseille’s disparate communities. Steinman is also a journalist and food & culture writer. She has created an English-language guide for the city called Yes Way Marseille, and runs the blog yum du jour.

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