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Northridge, CA


Susan Spitzer


Non-fiction, Philosophy

Recent titles:

  • The Seminars of Alain Badiou: Lacan, Alain Badiou, Columbia University Press, 2018
  • I Know There Are So Many of You, Alain Badiou, Polity, 2018
  • There's No Such Things as a Sexual Relationship, Alain Badiou, Columbia University Press, 2017
  • The True Life, Alain Badiou, Polity, 2017
  • Black: The Brilliance of a Non-Color, Alain Badiou, Polity, 2016
  • What Is To Be Done? A Daialogue on Communism, Capitalism and the Future of Democracy, Alain Badiou and Marcel Gauchet, Polity, 2016
  • In Praise of Mathematics, Alain Badiou and Gilles Haeri, Polity, 2016
  • Heidegger: His Life & His Philosophy, Alain Badiou and Barbara Cassin, Columbia University Press, 2016
  • Engelmann, Philosophy and The Idea of Communism, Polity, 2015
  • Confrontation, Alain Badiou and Alain Finkielkraut, Polity, 2014
  • Controversies, Alain Badiou and Jean-Claude Milner, Polity, 2014
  • The Incident at Antioch, Alain Badiou, Columbia University Press, 2013
  • Cinema, Alain Badiou, Polity, 2013
  • Plato's Republic, Alain Badiou, Columbia University Press, 2012
  • Five Lessons on Wagner, Alain Badiou, Verso, 2010


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