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Maplewood, NJ


Stuart Kendall


Art/Architecture, Comparative Lit/Criticism, Contemporary, Fiction, Francophone, History, Non-fiction, Philosophy, Poetry, Psychology, Religion, Sociology/Anthropology

Recent titles:

  • The Poetry of Georges Bataille, Georges Bataille, SUNY Press, 2018
  • Phrases: Six Films, Jean-Luc Godard, Contra Mundum Press, 2016
  • Inner Experience, Georges Bataille, SUNY Press, 2014
  • On Nietzsche, Georges Bataille, SUNY Press, 2014
  • Louis XXX, Georges Bataille, Equus Press, 2013
  • Guilty, Georges Bataille, SUNY Press, 2013
  • Correspondence, Guy Debord, Semiotext(e), 2009
  • Love, Poetry, Paul Eluard, Black Widow Press, 2007
  • The Cradle of Humanity, Georges Bataille, Zone Books, 2005
  • Lautr√©amont and Sade, Maurice Blanchot, Stanford University Press, 2004


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