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New York, NY


Robert Bononno


Art/Architecture, Contemporary, Fiction, Non-fiction, Philosophy, Poetry, Science, Sociology/Anthropology

Recent titles:

  • From Montaigne to Montaigne, Claude-Lévi-Strauss, University of Minnesota Press, 2019
  • Expectation, Jean-Luc Nancy, Fordham University Press, 2017
  • Autopsy of a Father, Pascale Kramer, Bellevue Literary Press, 2017
  • Marxist Thought and the City, University of Minnesota Press, 2016
  • Language, Madness and Desire, Michel Foucault, University of Minnesota Books, 2015
  • A Roll of the Dice, Stéphanie Mallarmé, Wave Books, 2015
  • Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment, Henri Lefebvre, University of Minnesota Press, 2014
  • Ghost Image, Hervé Guibert, University of Chicago Press, 2014
  • Considerations on the Death of a Dog, Turtle Point Press, 2013
  • Speech Begins after Death, Michel Foucault and Claude Bonnefoy, University of Minnesota Press, 2013
  • Cosmopolitics, 2 volumes, Isabelle Stengers, University of Minnesota Press
  • 2010/2011


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