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Brooklyn, NY


2014- Hemingway Grant


Mitchell Abidor


Fiction, Francophone, History, Non-fiction, Poetry

Recent titles:

  • Notebooks, 1936-1947 (with Richard Greeman), Victor Serge, NYRB Classics, 2019
  • The Anarchist Encyclopedia, various authors, AK Press, 2019
  • Down with the Law, various authors, AK Press, 2019
  • May Made Me, AK Press/ Pluto Press, 2018
  • The Permanent Guillotine, various authors, PM Press, 2018
  • A Raskolnikoff, Emmanuel Bove, Red Dust, 2016
  • Death to Bourgeois Society, various authors, PM Press, 2016
  • Anarchists Never Surrender, Victor Serge, PM Press, 2015
  • Correspondence, LF Celine, Kilmog (New Zealand), 2015
  • Voices of the Paris Commune, various authors, PM Press, 2015
  • A Socialist History of the French Revolution, Jean Jaures, Pluto Press, 2015
  • The Great Anger, various authors, MIA Press
  • Communards, various authors, MIA Press, 2010


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