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Brooklyn, NY


2017- Finalist, Griffin Prize for Excellence in Poetry, (In Praise of Defeat)

2014- French-American Foundation Translation Prize- Fiction (The Mad and the Bad)

2010-Runner-Up, French-American Translation Prize—nonfiction (Letters to Madeleine)


Donald Nicholson-Smith


Art/Architecture, Children's Books, Comics, Comparative Lit/Criticism, Fiction, Francophone, History, Non-fiction, Philosophy, Poetry, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology

Recent titles:

  • Forthcoming: L'Affaire N'Gustro, Jean-Patrick Manchette, NYRB
  • Forthcoming: Titeuf, V.14 and 15, Zep
  • Forthcoming: Morte Saison/Dead Season, Nicole Claveloux, New York Review Comics
  • The Treasure of the Spanish Civil War, Serge Pey, Archipelago, 2020
  • Uncertain Manifesto I, Frédéric Pajak, NYRB, 2019
  • Nada, Jean-Patrick Manchette, NYRB, 2019
  • Seraphin, Philippe Fix, Archipelago/Elsewhere, 2019
  • Letter to My Children and to the Children of the World to Come, Raoul Vaneigem, PM Press, 2018
  • The Green Hand, Nicole Claveloux / Zha, New York Review Comics, 2017
  • Ivory Pearl, Jean-Patrick Manchette, New York Review Books, 2018
  • Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures, Yvan Alagbé, New York Review Comics, 2018
  • Paris Vagabond, Jean-Paul Clébert and Patrice Molinard, New York Review Books, 2016
  • In Praise of Defeat: Poems Selected by the Author, Abdellatif Laâbi Archipelago, 2016
  • The Mad and the Bad, ean-Patrick Manchette, New York Review Books, 2014
  • The Temptation of Biology: Freud's Theories of Sexuality, Jean Laplanche, Unconscious in Translation, 2014
  • Brother of the Above, J. B. Pontalis, Psychoanalytic Books, 2013
  • Letters to Madeleine, Guillaume Apollinaire, Seagull Books, 2010
  • A Game of War, Alice Becker-Ho and Guy Debord, Atlas Press, 2007
  • Fifty Drawings to Murder Magic, Antonin Artaud, Seagull Books, 2007


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