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Providence, RI

David Wills


Comparative Lit/Criticism, Non-fiction, Philosophy

Recent titles:

  • Forthcoming: Clang, Jacques Derrida, co-translator Geoffrey Bennington, University of Minnesota Press
  • Theory and Practice, Jacques Derrida, University of Chicago Press, 2018
  • On the Commerce of Thinking: of Books and Bookstores, Jean-Luc Nancy, Fordham University Press, 2009
  • The Animal That Therefore I Am, Jacques Derrida, Fordham University Press, 2008
  • The Gift of Death & Literature in Secret, Jacques Derrida, University of Chicago Press, 2008.
  • Counterpath, Catherine Malabou and Jacques Derrida, Stanford University Press, 2004.
  • Right of Inspection, Jacques Derrida and Marie-Françoise Plissart, Monacelli Press, 1999
  • Prothèse, David Wills, translated with Catherine Malabou. (2 volumes), Éditions Galilée, 1997- 1998
  • The Gift of Death, Jacques Derrida, University of Chicago Press, 1995


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