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Portland, ME


Christopher Jon Delogu



Classical, Comparative Lit/Criticism, Contemporary, Fiction, History, Non-fiction, Philosophy, Poetry, Political Science, Religion

Recent titles:

  • The Limits of Tolerance: Enlightenment Values and Religious Fanaticism, Denis Lacorne, Columbia University Press, 2019
  • The Devil's Reward, Emmanuelle de Villepin, Other Press, 2018
  • Hannah's Dress, Pascale Hugues, Polity Press (UK), 2017
  • Islam: An American Religion, Nadia Marzouki, 2017, Columbia University Press
  • In Search of the Lost Orient, Olivier Roy, 2017, Columbia University Press
  • La meditation transformative: un guide pratique, Christine Curci, Friends Peace House, 2015
  • L'Asile: comment demander le droit d'asile aux √Čtats-Unis, Anna Welch, University of Maine School of Law, 2014
  • The Metamorphoses of Fat: A History of Obesity, Georges Vigarello, Columbia University Press, 2013


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