Simon Bouisson

Writer, filmmaker

February 28 - March 27, 2022

Portrait Simon Bouisson

Raphaël Dautigny

  • Cinema
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  • Los Angeles
“Algorithms–are they tools to be used by the writer, or is it the other way around?”

I have always been interested in questions of technology-related desire and the power dynamic between images and individuals. The narratives of my first films, Wei or Die and République, were shaped by technology, and technology is cast in a main role in my more recent works, STALK and 3615 Monique. I’m very much eager to tell and film stories of young people perpetually caught up in the tumult of images and dizzying technological progress.

I am fascinated by that intimate link between youth, fantasies and connections. Wanting to take my experiments further, I thought “Why don’t I co-write a film with an algorithm?”

Digital technology has always been a source of both promises and risks. Today, its impact on works of cinema could affect me quite directly, while also being a source of much contemplation and possible plots.

I would like to take advantage of this residency both to explore the potential of using AI-based algorithms to “optimize” a storyline, and to investigate what those in the sector think about algorithms’ impact on stories and, by extension, human imaginations.

Simon Bouisson is a writer and filmmaker, and a La Fémis film school graduate. He directs digital and new media projects (“Jour de Vote,” “Tokyo Reverse,” “Dezoom”) and has produced two interactive fiction works, “Wei or Die” (Fipa d’or in 2016) and “République” (shown at Tribeca in 2021). He has also directed the television series “3615 Monique” for OCS and “Stalk” for FTV (Best Director in 2019, and Best Half-Hour Series in 2021 at the La Rochelle Festival). He is currently working on two feature-length films.


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