Robin Bourgeois

Industrial designer, furniture designer

November-December 2021

portrait of Robin Bourgeois

Noémie Pilo

  • Craft & Design
  • Cities
  • New York
“I am drawn to everyday objects, those that we do not pay attention to but end up choosing for support in our daily lives.”

During my studies, I was lucky enough to train with the agency Unfold Design Studio, in Antwerp, alongside US designer Shane Schneck, founder of the Office for Design agency in Stockholm.


I am drawn to everyday objects, those that we do not pay attention to but end up choosing for support in our daily lives. I take an interest in artifacts of the past. Their uses and forms, which are sometimes obsolete, inspire me. Why make a clean break with the past when humans have been designing objects for millennia? The challenge is not so much to dig up forgotten forms as to reuse them in a contemporary setting.


Robin Bourgeois graduated from École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, in 2020. He designs unassuming objects that blend into daily life naturally and lastingly. Through his creations and exhibitions, he has developed a formal, economical language that promotes craftsmanship and celebrates materials. In 2021, he won the first prize in the Cinna/Ligne Roset révélateur de talents design competition.

The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation is supporting Robin Bourgeois's residency, as sponsors of 'Design and Craft' Villa Albertine residencies.



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