Pierre-Alexandre Savriacouty

Plastic Artist

Spring 2022

Artist Pierre Alexandre standing near piece of art behind white background

Pierre Alexandre Savriacouty

Piece of art by artist Pierre Alexandre Savriacouty

Pierre Alexandre Savriacouty

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  • Chicago
“The items are captured by the setting of cement and are forced to stay at the bottom of the water. Through this sculptural process, produce pieces that become mental and recollective anchors.”

I am interested in the technical and spiritual dimension of humans and how they have managed to create brand new worlds and materials. My work is a way of communicating between these worlds; my creations are immaterial portals between beings. In this process, I explore issues about disappearance, matter and its spirituality, the living world, remains, memory, and places of transit. 


I work on ephemeral devices linked to places or temporalities that are articulated around a project: Iceberg process. My pieces become transversal modules operating in different contexts, passing from an installation, to text, to video, and to theater. I seek to bring my practice towards an autonomous whole, close to the rhizome with its own language and its means of representation.   


To classify icebergs, scientists label them by their origin and the number in circulation. When fragments of an iceberg break loose (daughter fragments), they are named and classed based on their mother iceberg’s code. In 2010, iceberg B-15, which is still circulating, gave birth to nine blocks, B-15B, B-15F, B-15G, B-15J, B-15K, B-15N, B-15R, B-15T, and B-15V. I use this procedure to classify my fields of research and then my module works. My work fragments are like a huge family tree. These fragments melt, spread, and connect with other worlds — real, spiritual, past, and future. 


Born in 1993, Pierre-Alexandre Savriacouty is an artist of French and Madagascan origins. He is a graduate of Montpellier’s School of Fine Arts, where he collaborated with stage director Rodrigo Garcia. In 2018, he became a student at the French School of Fine Arts in Paris. He is a laureate of the 2021 SARR prize, and his work has been exhibited at FRAC Ile-de-France Château de Rentilly (in 2020) and at the Saint Paul de Venice International Biennale (in 2021). 

The Sarr Prize was created in 2021 as part of a partnership between the Beaux-Arts de Paris and the Sarr Collection. After analysis of the applications by an international jury, three grants are awarded to students in recognition of the quality of their artistic approach and to help them in their professionalization process. One of the winners also benefits from a one-month residency in Chicago within the framework of the Villa Albertine. Pierre-Alexandre Savriacouty has been selected for this residency in 2022.



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