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Bamar Kane

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“Do you know where your name comes from? Are you willing to give it up in order to be accepted? Marame is a poster girl for successful French-style integration, whereas Bamar remains defiantly non-Gallic.”

My name is Marame. I’m 35, I live in Paris, and I’m a Scorpio. I have had a rather eclectic career. I worked for ten years in insurance but my heart has always belonged to the world of drawing. Over the last five years, I have worked as a self-taught collaborator for several feminist and LGBTQIA+ periodicals (La Revue LGBT, Le Castor Magazine, AssiégéEs). I am deeply committed to the struggle for equal rights for sexual and gender minorities, in France and in Europe. I want to use my drawings and graphic novels to get my voice heard and highlight the plurality of identities in our societies. 


My name is Bamar. I’m a Paris-based “boy Dakar”. I was an engineer once, but my passion for cinema took me on a different path. I started out as a stage and a TV actor, but the narratives of exclusion and the characters I identified with made me want to write the stories myself and adapt them for the screen. Identity and representation issues are omnipresent, both in everyday life and in theater, cinema, and fiction, so let’s hear new voices and make way for new imaginings! 





Marame, a former president of the Paris–Ile-de-France LGBTQIA+ Center and a former secretary of ILGA Europe, is a political coordinator at Inter-LGBT and a member of the board of EL*C (EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community). She trained in drawing and children’s/young adult publishing at CESAN Paris, and is currently in residency at 59 Rivoli in Paris. 


Bamar is a self-taught writer and director of such short films and mini-series as My Little Black Girl and Mirror, Mirror, many of which have been selected for several European and US festivals. He trained in cinema and screenplay writing at the “1000 Visages” organization, and was among the first to graduate in series writing from the Nouvelles Écritures school (in 2022), where he began to develop his future project. 


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