Elizabeth Hong


October 2022

portrait of Elizabeth Hong

Credit: Marie Simon Thomas

  • Craft & Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Cities
  • Marfa
"The project is called Sky Walk, and it invites us to take a collective walk amongst the stars, the pathway guided by a fictional narrative that confronts the complex entanglements of space and colonization."

Through my work, I want to understand what grounds us – this includes our ties to the natural environment, our notions of home, and the formation of identity. My projects are therefore often site-specific. It starts with a place. From there I study and experiment with local materials to bring to light the different facets of the cultural heritage they embody.  


During my research process, I dig, dig, dig, and let this immersion guide me as I create material expressions from these findings. It is for me a way to understand the intertwining histories of ressource, land, people, animals - in their political and social context. Working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way, I exchange between people in other occupations that include scientists, historians, shepherds, and educators. This approach strives to enrich our collective knowledge of the natural environment.  


Using different forms of narration such as material experimentation, curation, celebrations, and writing, I want to tell a story of a place and the interconnectedness of our multi-species communities. 


Elizabeth Hong is an American designer and researcher based in Paris. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Washington in American Indian Studies and a Master's from ENSCI - Les Ateliers in Industrial Creation. She was recently a participant in the 2021 Bauhaus Lab program, Vegetation under Power. 


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