Hicham Berrada


Fall 2022

Plastic artist Hicham Berrada standing in an art studio

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Hicham Berrada

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“I am far more interested in the process and in the evolution of matter than in a form that might be seen as finished. Because matter is never static.”

I work like a painter whose main tools are mathematical, physical, and chemical parameters, rather than brushes and pigments. The essence of my work is not to depict forms, but to reveal them by creating the conditions necessary for their emergence. In the studio, I begin with research using the scientific method of experimentation. I isolate an object from its environment and place it in a container where I can control parameters such as pressure, temperature, luminosity, and humidity. Then, through observation, I gradually gain knowledge about it and a degree of control over it – control that is never absolute but that allows me to guide or modulate the evolution and temporality of certain phenomena. The issue of temporality is important: I am far more interested in the process and in the evolution of matter than in a form that might be seen as finished. Because matter is never static.


I have worked on a variety of phenomena: chemical reactions that grow like plants when under pressure and that I use to create moving landscapes (“Présage”), changes in metals when exposed to electricity (“Masse et martyr”), magnetism (“Les Fleurs”), plant rhythms (“Mesk-Ellil”), etc. I try to affect and modulate these phenomena to obtain the desired visual effect but, ultimately, it always results from a combination of my interventions and the laws that govern matter. I look for random events, and I try to control them. My discoveries are often accidental occurrences that I try to reproduce by understanding the mechanisms that caused them.


Born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1986, Hicham Berrada is a plastic artist. He lives in France. He studied at Beaux-Arts in Paris and at Le Fresnoy. He creates videos, installations and performances based on a combination of intuition and knowledge, science and poetry.


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