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Winter 2022

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“In all our projects, we seek to understand what basic physical structures are required for people to successfully share the same space.”

We’re both graduates of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Versailles. Susanne also completed a one-year master’s from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Before we founded our agency, GRAU, in 2010, we worked at the AUC agency for a number of years, on projects such as the Greater Paris study and the new Chapelle Internationale district.


Our work primarily focuses on housing – not because of any specific interest in housing as a form of architecture, but rather because it reflects our cities and the collective relationships we build. The home as a place is both intimate and connected, and encompasses a range of issues, both large and small.


Since 2010, we’ve conducted a number of urban renewal studies on residential areas from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. We are currently managing projects to renew the Grand-Parc area and transform the Cité-Claveau, in Bordeaux.


We have also been conducting research for the past several years on the potential of garden cities, which we began as part of a 2014 map-guide for the Caudéran district in Bordeaux, in collaboration with Michel and Claire Corajoud. This research took us to Phoenix, AZ, where we studied the collective housing structures built by US architect Alfred N. Beadle. In 2017, we published “Apprendre de Caudéran” (“Learning from Caudéran”), which examined how Caudéran could be a prototype for future garden cities.


In a completely different context, that of the dense city of Paris, we recently published “2 Pièces.” This work details our research on small-scale metropolitan housing, completed for the Pavillon de l’Arsenal as part of the “Faire” program.


Susanne Eliasson and Anthony Jammes are urban development architects, founders of the GRAU agency, and winners of the 2016 Palmarès des jeunes urbanistes. GRAU (short for “Good Reasons to Afford Urbanism”) operates in the space between architecture and urban planning. Boasting over ten years’ experience in France and Europe, and through a range of urban renewal and densification projects in existing areas, it has expertise in housing-related issues. Susanne teaches in Düsseldorf; Anthony teaches in Versailles.


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