Villa Albertine Museum Series: 24 Women Rethink the Future of Museums

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In partnership with the Center for Curatorial Leadership, Villa Albertine's 2023 Museum Series brings together 24 French and American women museum directors, sparking new transatlantic debate on the future of museums and promoting a new generation of leaders anchored in this transatlantic debate.

Gender parity remains a major concern for cultural institutions, despite the recent naming of numerous women to positions of leadership in major museums in France and the United States. In support of this important goal, Villa Albertine will turn the floor over to women museum leaders throughout 2023.

Organized in partnership with the Center for Curatorial Leadership, whose training program has helped American curators develop as museum leaders since 2007, the monthly Museum Series brings together many of the most prominent women museum leaders in France and the United States for substantive, in-depth conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing museums today. 

Each conversation will take place live in English at Villa Albertine’s Fifth Avenue Headquarters, and will be streamed live on Villa Albertine's Youtube Channel

The Villa Albertine Museum Series Spring Dialogues are made possible thanks to the generous support of Cartier and the Friends of Villa Albertine, notably Béatrice Stern, Sana Sabbagh and Denise Littlefield Sobel.

In partnership with

The Center for Curatorial Leadership

Founded in 2007 by Agnes Gund and Elizabeth W. Easton, and based in New York, the Center for Curatorial Leadership (CCL) trains curators to become visionary leaders of art museums. At a time when the demands of cultural institutions and the public are rapidly evolving, CCL provides essential tools to guide today’s museums and anticipate future challenges. The CCL model encompasses mentorships with museum directors, rigorous coursework in strategic management, and professional networks for support and growth. CCL is helping to build the next generation of museum leaders, ones who combine traditional curatorial connoisseurship and art historical scholarship with management expertise. 

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