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The Old Casino


In partnership with Métropole Nice Côté d’Azur, the Old Casino project is part of a cultural initiative, offering a nomad experience designed specifically for Villa Massena.

This experience plunges you into the history of this hall of entertainment, once a favorite destination for gamblers, society soirees and theatrical extravaganzas. Discover the construction of this glass palace, with its unique architecture reflecting the extravagance of the 19th century. Observe its various representations by the painters of the time and capture the aura of this edifice, illuminated at night in the Nice sky.

The development of this experience involved several innovations in our creative processes. It includes the 3D printing of a model designed for optimal overlay with HoloLens. Based on historical elements, this small-scale reconstitution of the Casino using noble materials enables us to anchor our augmented experience on a tangible object in the most optimal way possible.

What’s more, the experience incorporates a VR component that drops you off on the Promenade des Anglais, in front of the sumptuous and immense Casino in full color. In short, this new nomadic presentation mode offer the chance to bring a vanished monument back to life.

The Directors

Matthis Seguin (Lead Artist)

After earning a Master’s degree in Virtual Reality from the École de Design Atlantique, Matthis began his career as a UI Artist and eventually became the Artistic Lead of the HoloForge Department.

Paul Hannecart (Experience Designer)

Today, Paul holds two dynamic roles: UX Designer for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator franchise and Director of User Experience Design at HoloForge.

Boris Gambet (Director)

After obtaining an engineering degree in Cognitive Sciences at ENSC, Boris turned to virtual and augmented reality sector, first with technical responsibilities, then with sales

General Informations

Directors : Matthis Seguin, Paul Hannecart & Borsi Gambet

Production Company : HoloForge (France)

Awards : Winner of the “Innovation Duos” at Paris Museum Connections

Year of creation : 2024

Minimum Age : 10

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : Mixed Reality Experience on HoloLens based on a physical model

Duration : 12 minutes

Number of participants per session : 3

Equipment : 1-3 HoloLens – Physical Model

Minimum Space : 9m2

No Internet Connection


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