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Sounds of New York

“SOUNDS OF NEW YORK”, an expedition to the podcasting capital : As part of a new cultural institution of France in the US – the Villa Albertine-, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States is developing new ambitious programs for new media. Sounds of New York will welcome 7 French podcasters to take part in a one-week learning expedition to New York to meet key industry players. This program - supported by Spotify, Radio France, SACD, INA, and Paradiso Media - aims to support the development of French podcasts with high international potential. The laureates will be able to immerse themselves at the heart of the American podcast factory, meeting with a vibrant community of media, studios and independent creators.


With the rise of podcasts, a community of creators is booming: independent authors and studios creating new forms of storytelling, all genres combined—fiction, nonfiction, news, culture, and business). Beyond storytelling, new businesses are to be invented. In France, it's a concentrated ecosystem with only a few studios managing to develop international strategies. In the United States, the market is already developed with big investments in advertising. With so many authors, studios, platforms, advertising agencies, and types of media, we need to understand the emerging podcast industry in New York City, The Podcasting Capital. Sounds of New York is an invitation to nurture a dialogue with both the major media firms and the independent podcasting community.

The program

Sounds of New York will invite seven French podcasters to New York for a five day program of meetings and visits. The program aims to:

  • Understand the American podcasting ecosystem through meetings with industry leaders based in New York
  • Inspire French podcast authors on writing podcasts
  • Promote French podcasters

During the five days in New York, participants will benefit from: 

  • A presentation on the podcast ecosystem 
  • Visits and meetings with platforms, media, studios, and producers 
  • A peer-to-peer workshop with American podcasters on projects in development—with both the French presenting their projects and the Americans presenting theirs
  • A cocktail: French participants pitch their projects and meet with New York professionals

A written report will be provided to partners and participants after this program. This report aims to share information and insights collected during the meetings and visits. 

Candidates selected to take part in the program

The participants were selected by a jury of French podcasting professionals: Claire Hazan (Spotify), Erwan Gaucher (Radio France), Sophie Bocquillon (SACD), Antoine Bayet (INA) and Lorenzo Benedetti (Paradiso Media).

Villa Albertine announced on December 14, 2021 the names of the seven podcasters who will participate in Sounds of New York's inaugural season:

Camille Juzeau, author and director of documentaries for radio and podcast. She has collaborated with France Inter, (La Tête au carré and Le temps d'un bivouac), France Culture (A voix nue, Toute une vie, Les pieds sur terre), Arte Radio and Paradiso, institutions such as the City of Paris. She is the creator of the successful podcast Les Baladeurs (The Others) and of a monthly documentary series L'Insomniaque on Arte Radio.

Claire Jéhanno, author, creator of PILE, a literary podcast of more than 60 episodes. She has developed a series of youth podcasts such as Les courriers de Mlle Ursule, and is working on an audio series for teenagers. With her podcast F, chronique d'un féminisme ordinaire, Claire Jéhanno was one of the six laureates of the INALAB 2019 call for projects.

Iris Ouedraogo, journalist and director of podcasts, including Travail de bleu, giving young people a voice on Spotify. She also created and produced the podcast for the CheckNews service at Libération, and collaborates on Brut. media's podcast.

Axelle Jah Njiké, Afropean author, podcaster and feminist activist, she conceives and develops editorial content dedicated to the diversity of women's voices in the urban public space. She is the creator and producer of the podcast Me my sexe and I, as well as the author of the audio series La fille sur le canapé.

Emmanuel Suarez, author and actor who devotes himself to radio fiction and podcast, notably with La Division, produced by France Culture in 2020, and L'Incroyable expédition de Corentin Tréguier au Congo, laureate of the Fonds Podcasts Originaux SACD / France Culture. He received the Prix SACD Radio 2021.

Thibaud Delavigne, author and founder of l'Officine, podcasts production studio. He produced, amongst others, Le rapport Brazza - Un secret de famille, un scandale d'Etat, a five episodes fiction-documentary co-produced by Spotify.

Aladine Zaiane, author and director of documentaries who describes himself as "a story hunter", he joined the editorial team of the France Culture program Les Pieds sur Terre and collaborated on the podcast Défense de filmer by Brut, co-produced by Spotify.


  • Organization of the program: Sept. 2020 - October 2021
  • Call for applications launch: Oct. 14, 2021
  • Application Deadline: Nov. 26, 2021 
  • Jury Selection: Dec 9, 2021
  • Announcement of the participants: Dec 14, 2021
  • Program in New York: May 8-15, 2022


The call for applications is closed for the year 2021/2022.

Press release

Read the press release announcing the launch of the program (Published on October 14, 2021)

Read the press release announcing the 7 winners of the 2022 edition (Published on December 14, 2021)


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FACE Foundation is Villa Albertine’s main partner in the US.   


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INA produces and distributes original works, provides content to journalists, directors and experts, trains student and professional communities, develops an ambitious research and innovation activity. In a context of change, the Institute participates in the reinvention of the audiovisual and digital ecosystem by deploying expertise that makes it a distinctive medium, anchored in long time and memory, concerned to transmit knowledge and know-how of which it is the depositary.

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Paradiso Media

Paradiso Media produces original fiction, documentary and kids’ podcasts in France and internationally. Our podcasts genres include drama, comedy, interview, society & culture, news, thriller, science-fiction and kids. We seek to connect cultures through conversation, challenge the norm and push the boundaries of audio storytelling by bringing diverse topics, perspectives and styles to a global audience.


Founded in 2019 by Lorenzo Benedetti, Louis Daboussy and Benoit Dunaigre, the studio has produced over 20 podcasts comprising over 100 hours of content and several million downloads. Titles include L’Affaire B52, Frootch, Brut., Défense de Filmer, Mes 14 Ans, Habana Business Club, A Propos de Mon Film, Cornebidouille and many others in partnership with Spotify, Audible, Stitcher, Deezer and Sybel. In 2021 our English-language series Love Under Lockdown was nominated for a Webby Award in the “Best Documentary Podcast” category.

Paris Podcast Festival
Paris Podcast Festival

Founded in 2018, by the association Les Écouteurs, the Paris Podcast Festival is organized by the association Les Écouteurs, hosted and co-produced by La Gaîté Lyrique.

Led by Thibaut de Saint Maurice (director) and Nina Cohen (deputy director), it is the first festival entirely dedicated to all genres of native podcasts and aims to bring together every year, for 4 days, all podcast enthusiasts and curious people thirsting for discoveries and new encounters, by crossing all genres and formats.


As a public event and annual meeting for professionals in the field, the Paris Podcast Festival seeks to explore new trends and to gather around a media phenomenon that has become a full-fledged cultural practice.