Villa Albertine residencies in Brooklyn for a craftsperson and a designer, in partnership with WantedDesign and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

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The Villa Albertine invites two professional creators from the French art and design scene to discover the New York creative scene in order to nourish a renewed reflection on their practice.

Deadline: April 10, 2022, 11:59 pm (French time)  

Supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, these two new exploration residencies will take place in 2023 in Brooklyn, hosted and accompanied by WantedDesign, an organization dedicated to promoting design in New York and internationally as part of Industry City + WantedDesign International Residency.  

- Call for application is extended until April 10, 2022, 11:59 pm (French time)  

- Duration of the residency: 2 months, between May and July or between October and December 2023  

- Two residencies: One residency for an artisan, one residency for a designer  

- Location: Industry City, 220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232  


Profiles and projects sought  

These exploratory residencies are not conceived as a "work room" but as a field investigation that inspires and creates connections. The intention can be based on a new proposal, specifically conceived for the Villa Albertine, or on pre-existing research that would find a singular development there. In both cases, the relationship of the project to the territory makes it worthwhile. If the residency must be the object of a restitution, under a form to be specified, its progress is not centered on a specific form, including material, as would be the case with a production residency.   

The Villa Albertine is intended for creators who have an original research project requiring an immersion stay in the United States, which can be completed by a prospecting process in view of new commercial outlets.   

The residency provides the selected artisan and designer with access to key organizations and professionals in the industry in New York and the United States. The project proposed by the candidates must allow them to open an active dialogue with these local actors.   


Residency Territory  

This residency program is anchored in Industry City, a complex of former industrial buildings that have been converted into hundreds of production studios and boutiques for creators, manufacturers and designers. In the heart of Brooklyn, Industry City has become a vibrant creative district, focused on the innovation economy, supporting the fields of engineering, design, manufacturing and production.


Support from the Villa  

The Villa Albertine provides customized support, adapted to the expectations and profile of each resident.  

This support is provided by a reference structure, WantedDesign, which allows the resident to be fully integrated into an ecosystem that accelerates meetings and discoveries. A program of meetings, visits and events will be drawn up for each resident, according to their project and needs.   

The Villa Albertine will also accompany the resident in the analysis of the material and logistical needs necessary for the good realization of his project, and will organize his arrival and his stay, by placing at his disposal its knowledge of the local artistic and cultural scene and its network of partners.  


Material support for the residency  

The Villa Albertine covers the travel and accommodation expenses related to the residency, according to the following modalities:    

- A residency allowance of $100 per day to cover daily expenses (meals, local transportation, etc.);  

- A personal work space in the heart of Industry City, in direct contact with the WantedDesign team.   

- international travel to and from the site;  

- Accommodation;  

- health insurance, civil liability and repatriation.  

The Villa Albertine will not be able to commit to covering any expenses other than the travel and accommodation costs mentioned above.   

The framework of the Villa Albertine invites to consider residences without an accompanying person (family or other close relative who would not be part of the project). In the case where this accompaniment would be necessary (in particular parent with dependent child(ren)), such a situation would be taken into account in the organization of the residence (adapted housing and help in the search for other solutions of care).  


Eligibility criteria  

- The quality of the applicant's background: The candidate exercises his or her artistic or intellectual practice in a professional capacity, he or she is recognized by his or her peers, and his or her project for the Villa is a logical continuation of his or her research objects;     

- The quality of the project : The project is clear and the artistic, cultural and intellectual axes that it develops are relevant and in line with the ecosystem that surrounds the residence;  

- Profile sought: Sufficiently advanced in his/her practice as an artisan or designer to wish to deepen his/her practice and seek new outlets for his/her production. The candidate has a particular interest in the United States in general, and New York specifically, as the starting point for the specific project of the residency.  

The applicant must be over 21 years of age before the planned departure date of the residency.  

A candidate may submit only one application per season.  

Any incomplete or non-compliant application will be declared inadmissible. Any false declaration will automatically lead to the nullity of the application.  


Application procedures  

Applications in electronic format must be sent to, before April 10, 2022, with the following documents  

- A presentation in French of the applicant's background and work of less than 10 pages in PDF format (max 10 Mo);   

- Short presentation (2 pages maximum) of the research and prospecting intention in PDF format. Please specify whether you are applying as an Artisan d'art or as a Designer;  

- Demonstration of fluency in English, through the sending of a short video (video already made and available online, or recorded for the occasion; in this case, the candidate will be able, in 3 minutes maximum, to simply introduce himself and say a few words about his project). You can upload a video on a platform (such as YouTube or Vimeo) in "private" mode so that it is only accessible to people who have the link to view it. You can also share a link to a file stored online (on Google Drive or Dropbox for example). If your video is password protected, please let us know.  



When the laureate is selected, the Villa Albertine will engage in a dialogue with him/her to identify the French partner who would be the most relevant to accompany his/her residency project. Partners will not be asked to contribute financially to the residency. Depending on the case, this support could be of three kinds:   

- Design of the residency project: help in writing the residency project, identification of resources and contacts that could help the candidate, etc. ;   

- Promotion of the residency: communication on social networks, production of content about the residency (articles, podcasts, videos, etc.);   

- Creation of a post-residency component: time for the restitution in France of the work carried out in the United States (conference, meeting with professionals, etc.), assistance in the development of the artistic or intellectual project.   

Optional: When applying, the applicant may suggest the name of a French partner that he/she would associate with his/her residency project, i.e. any French public or private structure based in France (cultural institution, museum, publisher, interior design agency, company, etc.) that would be willing to accompany him/her according to these terms.   



April 10, 2022, 11:59 pm (French time): closing of the call for applications  

April - May 2022:   

- Pre-selection of applications by a jury made up of representatives of the Villa Albertine, WantedDesign and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, in charge of pre-selecting the files sent. Interview(s) with pre-selected candidates   

- Final selection made by the same jury   

June 2022 : Announcement of the results.  

This Villa Albertine residency program in Brooklyn (New York) is supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.

Bettencourt Schueller Foundation   

"Giving wings to talent"

Family foundation and recognized of public interest since its creation in 1987, the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation intends to "give wings to talent" to contribute to the success and influence of France. 

To do this, it seeks out, selects, supports, and promotes women and men who are imagining tomorrow's world today, in three fields that contribute concretely to the common good: life sciences, the arts, and solidarity. 

In a philanthropic spirit, the foundation acts through prizes, donations, personalized support, communication and co-constructed initiatives. 

Since its creation, the foundation has rewarded 620 winners and supported more than 1000 projects led by talented individuals, teams, associations and organizations. 

More information on | Twitter : @Fondation_BS | Instagram: @fondationbettencourtschueller | Facebook: @BettencourtSchuellerFoundation | #TalentFondationBettencourt.  



Founded in 2011, WantedDesign is a platform dedicated to promoting design and encouraging the creative community in the United States and internationally through events, discussions and partnerships. It organizes the WantedDesign Manhattan show every year, in the heart of New York Design Week alongside the ICFF fair.   

WantedDesign has been hosted since 2014 by Industry City. They have partnered to launch a new design residency program in the heart of what has become New York's most creative, dynamic and diverse design hub.   

With guidance from the WantedDesign team and the creation of a workspace on Industry City's campus, the Industry City + WantedDesign international residency program offers international residents a chance to immerse themselves in this creative community to build their network, get inspired by New York City, and nurture and prepare new projects.  


Villa Albertine   

The Villa Albertine is a networked cultural institution between France and the United States, serving the arts and ideas. With a presence throughout the United States and a team of 80 people in ten major cities (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington DC), Villa Albertine offers an annual program of 60 residencies, lasting from one to three months, for creators (all disciplines), thinkers, and cultural professionals. The Villa Albertine is also developing about 15 professional programs and will share a large number of resources (cartographies, reports, analyses). The Villa Albertine is also creating a magazine to discover inspiring figures, explore little-known territories, document emerging trends and share original creations. Festivals, one-off events and regular cycles will complete this global and flexible support system for French cultural actors. The Villa Albertine is an establishment of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, which receives the support of the Ministry of Culture. 

In partnership with

Logo Fondation Bettencourt Schueller
Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

As a family foundation and a public-interest foundation at the same time, the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller has chosen to “take talents to the top” to contribute to France’s success and influence. To this end, the Foundation seeks, selects, supports and promotes women and men who are rethinking our future in three fields that make a tangible difference to the common good: life sciences, the arts and an inclusive society. The Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation and Villa Albertine have committed to a bold five-year plan to promote French artists and designers in the United States, while helping new residents travel to French villas all over the world. The Foundation is a founding patron of this residency program, which aligns with the philanthropic mission it has promoted for the past 20 years in support of artistic professions.

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Industry City + WantedDesign International Residency

WantedDesign is a platform dedicated to promoting design and fostering the international creative community at large. Founded in New York City in 2011 by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, WantedDesign has established itself as a constant and staunch supporter of both American and international design through events, conversations, and international partnerships.  

Industry City + WantedDesign International Residency


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