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Recoding Entropia

© Da Prod

At the core of nothingness, on the horizon of infinite space and unfathomable time, an imposing geometrical form wanders. An immense tetrahedron that will soon dislocate to scatter and deliver a mysterious message through its changed shape.

The Directors

François Vautier

François Vautier is a French multidisciplinary artist whose creations combine cinema with extended reality, augmented reality and virtual reality (XR/AR/VR) technologies.

After directing several films for ARTE, he turned to the immersive universe, co-producing the virtual reality film “I Saw The Future” in 2016. He quickly fashioned a unique universe through an experimental trilogy that probes the confines of space, time and our reality.

General Informations

Directors : François Vautier

Production Company : Da Prod (France)

Year of creation : 2020

No Minimum Age

Technical Informations

Format : Film 360

Duration : 8 min

Number of participants per session : 1


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