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Perennial Land

(c) Isabelle Duverger

“Perennial Land – The Data Forest” is an immersive installation that combines the beauty of various forest environments with the importance of data-driven insights into a human’s impact on nature. Stepping into a space transformed into a multi-climate forest, tech and tools about resources and equity are seamlessly integrated into the environment like trees. We want to push aside the modern habit of thinking of nature–culture divide, decolonize technology and highlight the ways landscape contributes to social, political and psychic ideas of space. The vulnerability of the environment is directly related to that of certain communities. Nature does not need us. We need nature.

The directors

Laia Cabrera

Laia Cabrera is an award-winning filmmaker and video artist based in New York, working in the fields of art Installations-new cinema. Her wide range of artworks, from traditional and experimental filmmaking, visual poetry, interactive art and immersive projection mapping installations, has been commissioned by major institutions and presented worldwide in leading venues, art galleries and festivals. Identity and consciousness have been constant themes in her work, exploring concepts of otherness, symbolism, and hope, the art of seeing and the nature of belonging.

Isabelle Duverger

Isabelle Duverger is an award-winning French painter and installation artist based in New York. Her work includes paintings, public art, immersive interactive video installations, video-art and animation. Her work is focused on the relationship between emotions and body language, the observation of patterns, imaginary landscapes and how the human presence interacts in it, and the pursuit of new languages through technology.

General Informations

Directors : Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger

Additional Visual Effects by Caryn Heilman – Spacial Sound Design by Ander Agudo

Original Music composed and arranged by Nana Simopoulos

Production Company : Isabelle Duverger (France) and Laia Cabrera (Spain-USA)

Year of creation : 2024

Awards : Grant from Sarah Lawrence College and CUNY Bronx Community College with the support of the Mellon Foundation / Jersey City Arts and Culture Trust Fund – Program Grant Awards 2024

Minimum Age : No minimum

English Subtitles

Technical Informations

Format : Immersive Video Installation (Multi-stram)

Duration : 13 minutes

Number of participants per session : Unlimited (up to space capacity)

Space tech : Three or four (360º) walls 16 x 9. The minimum size of the space would need to be of 5 x 5 m to allow a full immersion.

Equipment list : One PC or Mac computer with graphics card / 4 outputs HDMI, Thunderbolt 4 or DisplayPort / 3-4 Projectors Full HD or WUXGA minimum, 5000 lumens minimum (Lens depending on Space, short throw 0.5 or less recommended) / HDMI Cables / Mounts or Shelves for Projectors (preferably hanging from a grid or ceiling) / The optimal sound design is with a 4.1 sound system, but it can be made stereo.




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