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Oto’s Planet

© Skill Lab, 2024

This interactive VR tale follows the quiet lives of Oto and Skippy on their tiny planet, disrupted by Exo, a cosmonaut whose spaceship crashes there. Oto enjoys his simple life by chilling in a hammock and eating pink fruits from his unique tree. Helped by the user, Oto tries to grab a fruit but accidentally causes a shockwave that attracts Exo’s ship which crashes on the planet. Exo emerges, plants a flag, and starts exploring the planet without any regard for Oto. Their cohabitation proves difficult, with communication barriers and Exo’s territorial behavior. Exo splits the planet and builds a wall, claiming the tree. Oto ingeniously finds ways to get fruit from the tree, irritating Exo. Their conflicts escalate until a meteor shower hits the planet, leading to unforeseen consequences for both characters. The story explores themes of cohabitation, conflict, and eventual reconciliation as Oto and Exo navigate their new shared existence.

The Directors

Gwenael François

Gwenael François is a French/Luxembourgish director and producer, co-founder of Skill Lab in Luxembourg. He directed film shorts and story driven music videos that blends creativity and technology. Embracing VR, he’s directing interactive experiences including “Oto’s Planet” (2024) and « Errances» (2023). Collaborating all over the world, he develops his creativity through innovation.

General Informations

Directors : Gwenael François

Production Company : Skill Lab (Luxembourg)

Coproduction Company : Dpt. (Canada) / Small Creative (France)

Awards : 2024 Annecy Festival / VR Works – Official Competition

Year of creation : 2024

Minimum Age : 13

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : Virtual reality, 6DOF, Interactive

Duration : 28 min

Number of participants per session : 1 participant per VR headset. You can multiply the number of participants if you have several headsets.


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