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©JEREMY OURY / Stable diffusion

NEXT transports you to a future where humanity has irreversibly transformed its environment. It offers a nightmarish and predictive vision of what awaits us if we don’t profoundly change our lifestyles. The idea is to present a silent witness to this transformation, based on material learned by artificial intelligence, a captivating exploration of our destiny through devastated landscapes that anchor these generated scenes in an almost recognizable near-future.

The director

Jeremy Oury is a French artist who questions our perception of reality and our relationship to the digital environment through light, sound and space. He focuses his artwork on a research about illusions from geometric distortions, on the synesthesia between sound and video, and on immersive forms in order to place the viewer at the center of a minimalist virtual universe to disrupt his perception of space. His groundbreaking work has been recognized at international video mapping and fulldome festivals, and exhibited at prestigious digital festivals and exhibitions worldwide.

General Informations

Director : Jeremy Oury

Production Company : JEREMY OURY (France) – MICHELLE FALCON (Mexico)

Year of creation : 2024

Minimum Age : 10

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : Fulldome, VR, CAVE

Duration : 6 minutes 30

Number of participants per session : 300 (dome), 1 (VR), 50 (CAVE space)


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