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Nana Lou

© Small Creative, Skill Lab, France Télévisions

Immersed in the world of the spirits of the ancestresses, you are appointed, with two other guides, to accompany Nana Lou on her last journey. On the day her granddaughter Clementine gives birth in a maternity hospital in Tokyo, Nana Lou has a stroke at home in France. She finds herself at the hospital, stranded between life and death… By your luminous presence at her side, you help her revisit her memories and pass away in peace. Nana Lou is a VR interactive animated short film inviting the viewer to play a spirit accompanying a grandmother during her last moments.

The Directors

Isabelle Andreani

An author and director of fiction, especially in immersive technologies. Her career took off with the birth of the internet and digital technology. Isabelle, having honed her skills as an engineer and researcher in physics and later acquiring a master’s degree in new technology management, initially created web applications in the nuclear sector. This was followed by a stint in marketing for home automation. Her entrepreneurial drive led her to create a startup, an online art school, and a freelance consultancy focusing on the production of editorial content. For the past twenty years, she has been innovating in interactive content and digital experiences. Isabelle is an influential member of the XN commissions of CNC and Pictanovo and imparts her expertise by instructing new narratives at the collegiate level.

General Informations

Directors : Isabelle Andreani

Production Company : Small Creative (France )

Coproduction Company : Skill Lab (Luxembourg) / France Télévisions (France)

Awards : Winning project of the Transmedia Writing Residency at Chalet Mauriac 2019/2020 / Digital Playgrounds Residency in New York by Villa Albertine / CNC 2021/2022 SACD Award for the best interactive work at MIFA Pitch Annecy 2020

Year of creation : 2024

No Minimum Age

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : VR 6DOF Interactive animation feature

Duration : 35 min

Number of participants per session : 1 participant per VR Headset.

Equipment required : Standalone VR headset – MetaQuest 2 or 3

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