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(c) L'écume des jours / Mise en scène : Julie Desmet Weaver / Images : Alain Lagarde

L’ECUME DES JOURS is a 3D augmented live show that won the SACD Multi-screen Writing Prize, the Baia Mare Special Jury Prize and the Europe Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Prize.

Colin is an affluent young man who loves jazz and love and hates violence and work. Full of love, he lives in a world he imagines, in which his strong emotions overturn the laws of physics. A thousand omens accumulate and lead Colin to Chloé. He finds true love. But Chloé falls ill. Soon, the windows refuse to let in any light, Colin’s radiant universe shrinks, and his bedroom becomes a swampy, oozing sphere…

An unusual adaptation of Boris Vian’s famous novel, for a live actor moving through twenty visual, sound and digital tableaux. The artisitc concept is to bring Colin’s subjective vision to life, and to show how his world is altered by his emotions through the use of digital shaders. Colin relives his story in a loop, immersed in a parallelepiped of mirrors and screens. The set design is imagined as an interactive stage, a digital medium for Vian’s surreal poetry.

The director

Julie Desmet Weaver

Julie Desmet Weaver (Director) is committed to exploring new forms of writing and new immersive and interactive scenic devices. She is a laureate of S.T.ARTS Europe 2020/ IRCAM Centre Pompidou, winner of the Prix SACD Ecriture multi-écrans, and a laureate of Femme de Culture 2020, Palais de Tokyo.

General Informations

Director : Julie Desmet Weaver

Visual design : Alain Lagarde

Actors : Axel Beaumont (on stage) / Lou de Laâge, Jonathan Genet, Jenna Thiam (on screens)

Lighting design : Sébastien Naar

Special effects : Patrick Garbit-Studio

Technical Manager : Fouad Souaker

Production Company : UNDERGROUND Sugar (France) and Les Films du Marigot (France)

Coproduction Company : Cohérie Boris Vian

Year of creation : 2020

Awards : SACD Multi-screen writing Prize and Special Jury Prize – Baïa Mare Festival – IF / France Romania Season and Europe Horizon 2020 Prize for Research and Innovation.

Minimum Age : 10

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : 3D Augmented live show

Duration : 60 minutes

Number of participants per session : 300

Equipment list



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