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Kubo Walks The City : Like an “ethno-detective”, follow the footsteps of Kubo, a Korean writer in his urban flanerie in Seoul in 1934, when Korea was under Japanese occupation. See the city through the press caricatures mocking the shortcomings of a part of Korean society emerging from the poverty and archaisms of the past, and discovering with reckless the modernity and prosperity coming with the occupation. Then be confronted with the resistance of another part of the population, through the story of the first Korean athlete to win an Olympic medal in Berlin in 1936, and see how this resistance was erased by censorship.

The Directors

Hayoun Kwon

Korean renowned artist, Director Hayoun Kwon studied at Le Fresnoy Art School in France, then she co-founded Innerspace VR, one of the very first virtual reality studios. Fascinated by virtual reality, a medium she uses for questioning the truth, she has been developing for several years now a work on heritage and memory. Her previous projects includes one of the first VR documentaries: D.M.Z., Memories of a No Man’s Land and more recently several location based installations for museums and art centers, such as Kubo Walks the City awarded at Tribeca Festival 2022 and Eternal Walkers awarded at Geneva International Film Festival 2023.

General Informations

Directors : Hayoun Kwon

Production Company : INNERSPACE VR (France)

Awards : Storyscapes Award

Year of creation : 2021

Minimum Age : 13

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : VR installation 6DOF

Duration : 15 minutes

Number of participants per session : Mulitplayer 3 persons, each one entering the installation every 5 mn.

Equipment required : 3 x PC Vr ready  (ex:   i7-9700F 3.60 GHz (8) cores, RTX 2060  ,GSKILL DDR4 16GB F4-2666C19S-16GRS,  Win 10) + 3 keyboards, 3 monitors, 3 mice / 3 x Oculus Quest 2 ( named : Quest A,  Quest B,  Quest C ) / 3 x External batteries min 10 000 mAh  or  3 x  Backup Oculus Quest 2 ( named : Quest D,  Quest E,  Quest F ) / 3 x android (or iPhone) : different Facebook account should be installed in each phone / 3 x Audio headphones / 1 x Router (ASUS RT-AC86U) + 3 LAN cables to link from Router to each PC / Desk + Eyeglass cleaning wipes + Trash can

Minimum Space : 10m×7m for the VR experience + extra space for PC desk


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