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Ito Meikyu

©Sacrebleu Productions, Les Films Fauves

Ito Meikyu is a virtual reality experience that develops around references from Japanese art history and literature (The Fukinuki Yatai, The Tale of Genji, The Pillow Book) and unfolds as a large sensory fresco with strong emotional potential. A heterogeneous set of drawn, animated and sound scenes are taken from digital material; they recreate a kind of subjective world (inner and outer) in the form of a labyrinth composed of fractal architectures, inhabited by plants, objects, animals, men, women, motifs and calligraphy. The virtual wandering space allows us to access different scenes based on the randomness of our choices: a kind of hide-and-seek game with the universe at the centre of which we are the omniscient spectator.

The director

Born in 1987 in Lannemezan, France, Boris Labbé is an artist and animation film director working between France and Spain. Based on his drawing activity, Boris Labbé’s work is characterized by hybridization, combining the use of digital moving image techniques with those specific to animated film. His videos tend to break out of the spatio-temporal framework imposed by classical cinema; governed by the notion of expanded cinema, his works are not only destined for projection in the movie theater, but also tend towards other forms, notably installations. He collaborates with Sacrebleu Productions since 2013. His work has been selected and awarded in most prestigious festivals such as Critic’s Week, Annecy Animation Film Festival, Animafest Zagreb.

General Informations

Director : Boris Labbé

Production Company : Sacrebleu Productions (France)

Coproduction Company : Les Films Fauves (Luxembourg)

Year of creation : 2024

No Minimum Age

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : VR 6DoF

Duration : 20 minutes

Number of participants per session : 1

Surface area : 2m2

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