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Exo-Cortex 3.0 is an invitation to feel free, guided by a voice that plunges us into a dreamlike and hypnotic introspection. This immersive dome experience offers a dreamlike journey to the spectators through a poetic and bewitching composition of the space. Each stage transforms the venue into complex digital formations that become new 360° moving objects of contemplation.

It questions our perception of reality and our relationship to the digital environment through light, sound and space with a captivating fusion of art and technology. It tries to propose an introspection on the evolution of human identity in the digital age through a form of reflection on the extension of our consciousness with digital tool. By asking questions about the way in which our lives are augmented or modified by technologies, the experience suggests that we reflect on the boundaries between the biological self and the digital self.

The director

Jeremy Oury is a French artist who questions our perception of reality and our relationship to the digital environment through light, sound and space. He focuses his artwork on a research about illusions from geometric distortions, on the synesthesia between sound and video, and on immersive forms in order to place the viewer at the center of a minimalist virtual universe to disrupt his perception of space. His groundbreaking work has been recognized at international video mapping and fulldome festivals, and exhibited at prestigious digital festivals and exhibitions worldwide.

General Informations

Director : Jeremy Oury

Production Company : JEREMY OURY (France) – MICHELLE FALCON (Mexico)

Year of creation : 2022-2023

Awards : Best 10 French artists – BRIGHT CONNECT FESTIVAL 2022 / FUTURE VISION LAB 2023 / Dome Under Festival Jury mention 2024

Minimum Age : 7

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : Fulldome, VR, CAVE

Duration : 7 minutes 30

Number of participants per session : dome (300), VR (1), CAVE (depends of the capacity of the space)

Technical content for the Dome version : File – 6Kx6K or 4Kx4K, 30fps / Audio file – 5.1 / AmbiX 3o 24b /

Technical content for the VR Version : Stereoscopic or Monoscopic 8k

Minimum space for the Cave / / Immersive 360° space version : 5m5m2m


(153) “EXO CORTEX 3.0”, Trailer [Fulldome] – YouTube

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