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Etant donnés Prize 2023 at Art Basel Miami Beach

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Daniel Otero Torres winner of the 2023 CPGA – Etant donnés Prize. Courtesy of Art Jameel. Photo by Daniella Bapista

Daniel Otero Torres and mor charpentier awarded the 2023 CPGA – Etant donnés Prize at Art Basel Miami Beach


Miami Beach, December 8, 2023 — Daniel Otero Torres and mor charpentier won the 2023 CPGA – Etant donnés Prize, which rewards excellence in contemporary creation and fosters visibility for the French art scene abroad. 

The jury was impressed by the artist’s adept use of various mediums and techniques to convey poignant messages, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate web of social and environmental issues.

The ability to provoke critical engagement and reflection on the intersection of nature, capitalism, and politics was particularly commendable. The nuanced storytelling evident in Otero Torres’s practice adds a layer of depth and complexity to the narratives explored, making a significant contribution to the broader artistic conversation.

Daniel Otero Torres was born in 1985 in Bogota. He currently lives and works in Paris. His multidisciplinary work encompasses sculpture, installation, ceramics, pictorial practice as well as drawing, which connects all his creative facets from the onset.

The artist is interested in notions of resistance and revolution, exemplified in the marginalized or ignored groups that have played an essential role in recent history, but also in images of demonstration, celebration, and reconciliation as drivers of social change.

Co-organized by Villa Albertine and the French Professional Committee of Art Galleries (CPGA), the Etant donnés Prize (a $15,000 award for an artist and their galley) recognizes a work of great significance by a contemporary France-based artist.

This year, for the third edition of the prize, the selection was made by a jury of major French and American collectors and institutional directors: Collectors Catherine Petitgas, François Sarkozy, and Estrellita Brodsky, Carolina Alvarez-Matties (Director of Dallas Contemporary), and Daisy Desrosiers (Director and Chief Curator of Gund Gallery at Kenyon College).

The Etant donnés Prize, which was created in 2019 and brought to Art Basel Miami Beach in 2022, aims to support excellence in contemporary creation and foster international visibility for the French art scene.

It is named after the Etant donnés Fund, which since 1994 has awarded over $4.2 million to support more than 400 projects, and hundreds of art institutions across the US and France.

Past laureates of this Prize include Kapwani Kiwanga and Julien Creuzet.

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Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art (CPGA)

Since 1947, the Professional Committee of Art Galleries (CPGA) represents galleries in France and defends their interests with politicians, institutional representatives and administrative authorities. It takes part in the elaboration of art market regulations and contributes to cultural policies favoring the development of the art sector. The Comité informs and advises its 340 member galleries, from antique dealers to contemporary art galleries, on the specifics of their status and obligations. For several years, the CPGA has been involved in major cultural events in order to build a better visibility of art galleries, true partners of artistic creation. It also works to develop the French art scene internationally. 

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