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Entrez dans la danse

(c) Claire Allante / Small Creative

Entrez dans la danse is a unique experience inspired by a sadly famous event: the Dancing Plague epidemic of 1518. Within an immersive structure, the public is invited to discover the story of Enneline, the first woman to be swept away by this pandemic. Combining theater and dance, this sensory experience invites us to follow the momentum of the bodies, bearing witness to the distress of a population faced with rigid authorities. Borrowing from live performance and cinema, the experience becomes a veritable playground for spectators, who are invited to join in the dance.

On the dome surrounding the audience, the story is fragmented, for the sake of modernity. The device offers another way of looking at movement, of gradually becoming part of it. Motion-capture cameras and a set of interactive nuances on the floor (colors and shapes) enable the audience to literally “become one” with the story. The narrative will lead the spectators to become involved, gradually inviting them to enter “physically” into the dance. One of the main challenges of this experience is to blend the spectators’ flesh bodies with the filmed bodies of the dancers, and the virtual bodies captured in motion capture.

The director

Julie Desmet Weaver

Julie Desmet Weaver (Director) is committed to exploring new forms of writing and new immersive and interactive scenic devices. She is a laureate of S.T.ARTS Europe 2020/ IRCAM Centre Pompidou, winner of the Prix SACD Ecriture multi-écrans, and a laureate of Femme de Culture 2020, Palais de Tokyo.

General Informations

Director : Julie Desmet Weaver

Production Company : Tchikiboum (France) / Small creative (France)

Coproduction Company : Hubblo (Canada)

Year of creation : 2023

Minimum Age : 12

English Subtitles

Technical Informations

Format : Full dome

Duration : 20 minutes

Number of participants per session : 30

Installation : Immersive dome (mobile) – 8m (diameter) x 5m (height) / 4 video projectors / Spatialized sound / 1 to 2 people on tour / Set-up/dismantling: 2 x 1 day / Indoor or outdoor installation possible


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