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© Energeia

ENERGĒIA is an immersive documentary experience where you can take a stroll without beginning or end. Freed from gravity, the visitor is invited to explore ghostly buildings, built from 3D scans within French nuclear power plants. As they go forward into these composite spaces, their direct gaze can trigger hidden interviews with several experts — engineers, physicists and researchers offering a variety of viewpoints about the future of energy at ecological, economic and geopolitical levels.

The Directors

Ugo Arsac

Ugo’s artistic approach straddles the boundary between anthropology, research, and documentary filmmaking. Associating urban and human, mythology and anthropology, Ugo produces films, installations, immersive experiences as well as graphic works.

General Informations

Directors : Ugo Arsac

Production Company : CHRONIQUE CREATIONS (France)

Awards : Prix CDSA 2023

Year of creation : 2022

Minimum Age : 12

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : Installation 6DoF

Duration : Unlimited

Number of participants per session : 1

Minimum Space : 2×2


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