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(c) Alain Lagarde/UNDERGROUND Sugar

EMOTION allows you to discover the poetic world of a little girl with an overflowing imagination. Enter her laboratory garden, populated by strange, surprising and funny animals: new species that are half-animal, half-plant. As you explore visions of the world ranging from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, you’ll be accompanying this little girl who has just lost her mum and helping her to reconnect with her emotions. Interact with the immersive set and four 3D puppets. Throughout the experience, you’ll be guided on your journey by small emotional particles that will create beautiful visual and audio alchemies around you. Take part in live sessions, during which actors and performers equipped with motion capture suits will accompany you throughout the experience.

The directors

Julie Desmet Weaver

Julie Desmet Weaver (Director) is committed to exploring new forms of writing and new immersive and interactive scenic devices. She is a laureate of S.T.ARTS Europe 2020/ IRCAM Centre Pompidou, winner of the Prix SACD Ecriture multi-écrans, and a laureate of Femme de Culture 2020, Palais de Tokyo.

Axel Beaumont

Axel Beaumont (Screenwriter) is an artist, author and performer, associate artist of Underground Sugar. He wrote E.MOTION, an immersive tale supported by the CNC and the French Ministry of Culture’s ONDA écran vivant scheme. He took part in the first edition of the “immersive competition” at the Cannes Festival 2024 in The Roaming. He is also a performer, playing the role of Colin in the show “L’Écume des jours”, as well as in the XR version, which won the SACD multi-screen prize.

General Informations

Director : Julie Desmet Weaver and Axel Beaumont (screenwriter)

Production Company : UNDERGROUND Sugar (France)

Year of creation : In immersive room 2025 / In Theater (prototype) 2024

Awards : Theater Of Digital Art From Dubaï Award / Support of ONDA “Ecrans vivants” Ministery of Culture (France)

Minimum Age : 6

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : Immersive room and theater (360° movie, video mapping, real set design)

Duration : 50 minutes

Number of participants per session : 100 or 200 (it depends on the size of the immersive room)

Equipment list : A computer device capable of processing 3D information live for 1 hour / A real-time alpha video layer via an NDI (Network Device Interface) video output (also possible to directly connect an HDMI output and a video capture card from our MoCap platform)


E.MOTION | Underground Sugar (

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