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(c) Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger

“Dream-e-scape” is an interactive projection art installation about lucid dreams. The piece is an immersive and interactive 360º installation about the mind and the search for awareness in which the public experiences a sensory voyage that captures the surreal nature of dreams, where the line is blurred between the physical and the digital world, between the real and the imaginary. “Dream-e-scape” is based on the state of sleep, an imaginary journey one can experience with the eyes wide open. The piece explores the concept of lucid dreaming, the sleep state in which we become aware we are dreaming and have the ability to control the dream and gain agency over our thoughts and desires. We are testing reality: Are we awake?

The directors

Laia Cabrera

Laia Cabrera is an award-winning filmmaker and video artist based in New York, working in the fields of art Installations-new cinema. Her wide range of artworks, from traditional and experimental filmmaking, visual poetry, interactive art and immersive projection mapping installations, has been commissioned by major institutions and presented worldwide in leading venues, art galleries and festivals. Identity and consciousness have been constant themes in her work, exploring concepts of otherness, symbolism, and hope, the art of seeing and the nature of belonging.

Isabelle Duverger

Isabelle Duverger is an award-winning French painter and installation artist based in New York. Her work includes paintings, public art, immersive interactive video installations, video-art and animation. Her work is focused on the relationship between emotions and body language, the observation of patterns, imaginary landscapes and how the human presence interacts in it, and the pursuit of new languages through technology.

General Informations

Directors : Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger

In collaboration with interactive designer Aniol Saurina Masó and Jianhao Ma

Original Music composed and arranged by Nana Simopoulos

Production Company : Isabelle Duverger (France) and Laia Cabrera (Spain-USA)

Year of creation : 2022

Awards : Official Selection Microwave Media Arts Festival – Oct 28, 2022 – Nov 6, 2022 – Hong Kong City Hall / Official Selection Film Criticism Conference – “Beyond the Frame” – Nov 8-15, 2023 – The Cultural Palace, DQ, Riyadh, KSA

Minimum Age : No minimum

Technical Informations

Format : 360º Immersive Interactive (Motion Tracking) Video and Sound Installation

Duration : 12 minutes

Number of participants per session : 12

8K ultra-wide Video Installation – Resolution: 7680×1080 – Aspect Ratio: 64:9

Room Dimensions: Minimum: 15 (l) x 15 (w) x 10 (h) ft. – Maximum: 18 (l) x 18 (w) x 12
(h) ft.

Site specific : 4 white walls for projection

Equipment list : 1 PC Computer / 1 Screen Monitor / 2 Motion Tracking Cameras / 2 Extension USB C cable / 2 Software License / 1 Stereo Sound System – minijack wired / 4 Projectors / 4 Projector Mounts / Cables: 5 HDMI / Display Ports / HDMI splitter / Power: 6 Outlets/adapters (2 in Closet – 4 located on ceiling depending on design) / Acrylic Mirror Floor & Ceiling (Alternative: Reflective Black Paint)



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